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It’s so easy to stay busy as a Biz Boss. There’s ALWAYS so much to doing

The day-to-day business tasks, the tech, managing your staff or assistants, tending to the relationships at home, the kids, the friends, etc.

There is always something else to look at, do, fix or create.

But one of the biggest struggles is being stuck in a perpetual state of reaction.

You’re going from one thing to the next and it’s wearing down your capacity to do the things you’re meant to do, the things that light you up.

This leads to 24/7 overwhelm. The constant busyness of taking care of everything and everyone else. The closest you come to self care is maybe getting your nails and hair done.

But I have news for you, the hair, nails, and facials are not going to lead you away from the edge of overwhelm.

We need to look at things at a deeper level- at the level of energy.

Together we will look at where your energy is going and taking inventory of your current schedule to see if it supports your desires.

Does it align with what you actually want?

I want to support you as you create more space in your schedule, as you reprioritize for success. Then we will gradually implement these shifts so that you can build more of what you actually want.

This 6 Week Group Intensive is all about YOU!

💯 You'll learn How to Create Space for maximum abundance in your Life

💯 You'll gain awareness & clarity on your desires and what is keeping you from obtaining them.

💯 You'll learn how to leverage your gifts to be able to streamline your life on all levels of expansion.

💯 You'll learn how to expand your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional capacity.

Most of all... 

You will have the accountability and support of not only myself but your fellow biz bosses in giving yourself permission to be a badass biz boss AND be able to have FUN & Enjoy Your LIFE!!!

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  • 6 Group Coaching Calls ( 1 each week starting the week of 2/25)

  • 2 x 60 Minute 1:1 Coaching/Healing Sessions with Jaime (Initial & Ending)

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Intimate Container of Support (Max. 5 People - 4 Spots Left!)


$1,200 or (2 Payments of $600)



“…Jaime has an incredible ability to tap into my energy at any time and to not only communicate with me messages from the other side -- but from my own body. She is an incredible mentor and is also teaching me the tools and techniques to able to tap into my own intuition and connection to Spirit. As a coach, this has been a huge benefit to my clients as I am now better able to guide them through my intuition and teach them to tap into theirs too! In addition to our twice monthly healing sessions and unlimited text and email support, I am so beyond grateful for her SOS distance healing services as she's helped me out in several stressful situations when I needed urgent guidance or energy work to get me back on track.  

I believe all coaches and service-based entrepreneurs would truly benefit from having a team member specifically dedicated to their energy. Since we spend our days managing other people's 'stuff', it's so important that we are clearing, balancing and ensuring our own energy is right so that we can show up and be a light in the world. Having my energy (and emotions!) in check allows me to show up more powerfully in my own life and for my clients. 

Since working with Jaime I feel more in tune with my emotions, more connected to body, more empowered with my business decisions and overall more equipped to manage this thing called life. Jaime is now a part of my ongoing support team as my healing concierge because the return on investment is an absolute no-brainer. Investing in yourself through Jaime's healing services will be the best thing you ever do -- for your health, personal life and business."

Cara Rice, Success Coach at

"In just 5 short months of working with Jaime, my life has changed drastically. When I began to work with Jaime I quickly saw that more than my business was going to change. From the very first session, I changed how I see myself, my desires, fears, triggers and relationships.

Instead of reacting to others I am now aware of how and why I feel the way I do. I can sit with any negative feeling that comes up, explore it and then break it down to dissolve the illusion. 

I have removed so much stress, confusion and resentment that I wasn’t even fully aware I had. The result? My quality of life has improved, I am more present in my life, I am clearer in creating quick and better decisions in my professional and personal life.  I am more connected to my family, I am able to express myself fully and in a cordial way.  
The stress I was experiencing in my marriage is gone. We now communicate with respect and love. In fact, we communicate better than we ever have in our relationship. My three children and I have never been closer.

I have completely changed my offline business to be in alignment with, and fully supportive of, my goals. My online business is beginning to make sense for the first time and is more connected with my desires….”

Dr. Glenna Calder, Naturopathic Doctor at