My Story



As a child I was ALWAYS sick, I was overweight, had ear infections, strep throat, eczema, acne, and digestion issues, to the point where my parents had to sleep with me every night to make sure I was okay.  Growing up I thought this was “normal”, that everyone had to go through this as a kid, but when I got older and graduated college I quickly learned this was not the case.  I was put on birth control at the age of 11 to clear up my acne and help regulate my period.  I was prescribed steroids and cremes to fight my eczema throughout my childhood.  As a young adult in college I started to notice unusual hair growth in places that should not have hair but ignored it.  After college I was obese and decided it was time for a change.   I started to eat “healthy” and exercise everyday, I lost 75 lbs in 7 months, I was the skinniest I have ever been and thought that when I reached this goal I would have no issues and be the happiest in my life.  Well, I was wrong… I started to forget simple things like the names of my friends and family, I would get up from my desk at work to do something and forget what I was going to do, my unusual hair growth was spreading, and I was always craving SUGAR!  I went to the doctor, they did tests, I was “normal” they even took me to see an endocrinologist who did massive amounts of testing and still I was normal.  They saw my unusual hair growth and suggested taking a prescription that would only lighten the hair but the side affects showed to grow tumors.  (Just what I needed)

SOOOOOO…. at the time I was going to a holistic chiropractor, I told her what was going on and she suggested I take a test.  I took the test and it confirmed that I had Candida Overgrowth!  Everyone has Candida, BUT I had too many antibiotics, hormones and steroids that removed BOTH the bad and good bacteria.  This lead to me having an imbalance in my digestive system and yeast to overgrow and take over my body. I went on “the candida diet”, no sugar, no gluten, no fruit, no yeast, no soy, NOTHING!  I went insane, I couldn’t find anyone that would be able to assist me in fighting this disease.  I went to EVERYONE, I kept going on and off the diet, I gained weight, developed allergies, fears, etc.  I was depressed, overweight (AGAIN), hopeless, and giving up.


I heard about an institution that provided you with the knowledge and tools to empower ones self…SOOO, I signed up for IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition).  I learned a lot and obtained the knowledge to listen to my body, to give what it needed, not what I THINK it needed and in result, I lost 35lbs in 3 months, gained a spiritual awareness, learned the foods that bother my body, and a strength to not give up. 

After becoming a Certified Health Coach, I embarked on a new adventure of co-creating a mobile Raw Food and Juicing business.  Unfortunately, after a year the partnership and company were not serving the highest good for the future and we decided to dissolve the business.  The experience helped me in learning about organic, plant based, local produce as well as developing relationships and life long lessons.

In this time, I was engaged to my partner of 7 years, I was looking forward to the future of having my own family with the love of my life.  As we went through planning it became very clear to me that the individuals closest to me weren’t as close as I thought.  Actually it was the worst part knowing your best friend relationships were one sided especially during the happiest time in my life.  I was going through a loss and grief at the same time of happiness and joy.


My partner and I were married in July of 2015, it was the happiest day of my life and I could not wait for our future.  After coming home from our honeymoon our relationship changed drastically.  There was a lot of anger and unknown reasonings for reactions I didn’t know what was happening.  During this time I was laid off from my job of 4 years, which I was excited about to start a new adventure at a different position I accepted.  I quickly became aware of my environment, talking about kids but still in a hostile atmosphere, experiencing anger, frustration and abuse.  Not knowing why this was happening but seeing myself slowly dissipate I became someone I did not know.  I was always defending myself, I became depressed, feeling like everything was my fault because thats what I was told every moment of every day.  Finally, in December of 2015 the abuse (which I did not know what it was at the time) became unbearable.  I was scared, the physicality became a reality and at that time I realized this is not the life I want to live or bring a child into this environment.  I am not a person that gives up on anything, I still had hope that this was just a phase, I wanted to give 100% before considering any separation, so we seeked counseling.

January 2016 I started a new job, at first it was exciting for me to embark on a new adventure at a different company and an environment that seemed creative, exciting, and relatable.  After experiencing my job duties and being put in an unsafe environment which created massive anxiety attacks, I decided to leave.  I never in my life ever left a job, but I knew putting myself in an environment as such was unsafe for me.  The next day, my husband and I had a fight, I was at my breaking point, I could not defend myself anymore and told him I wanted a divorce.  A DIVORCE! We were JUST married, how could this happen?  What just happened?

I knew it was real when I fell on my parents doorstep sobbing to the point of not breathing.  This was the scariest part for me, disappointing my parents, my family and myself.


It was February 2016, I left home for a 3-week life transformation program at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL.  I had no idea what to expect, but it was exactly what I needed at the time.  I was surrounded by unconditional love and support which allowed me to rediscovered my strength and the person I truly was.  I developed life long relationships with amazing people who I will be forever grateful to.

I came home, my husband still thought I was not serious about the divorce but I told him I was.  I moved into the guest room and thought we were able to be cordial in co-habitating in our home.  The rumors were flying between our mutual friends, I was put against my family and friends as “the bad guy” the one who was leaving the relationship because “I wanted to do something different with my life”.  There was no discussion of the abuse that was happening or any other underlining betrayal that was discovered.  I was alone, I had support of some family and a couple of friends but I had to do this alone.  I did not want to keep defending myself, especially with friends, if they were my true friends they would understand me and the truth at hand.  Again, I was going through grief and loss of friends, family and my future.  I did not play victim, I put myself in this environment, and I was trying to understand why everything was happening… Quickly, the situation and my home became unsafe for me to be in, we (my dog and I) left without notice.


It was hard, half of my family weren’t even aware of the situation, I had no idea what to do, I went into my own, a depression and self discovery.  At the time I was not only fighting for my own life, but also had to fight for my right through the court system from my job.  I was being thrown around emotionally, and mentally which was causing me physical complications, weight gain (even though I was raw vegan).

After a couple of months, I discovered my own self, my happiness, the love for myself and the strength for the future.  Taking a stand for myself showed me how much the environment and relationship I was in was affecting me on all levels.  I didn't have any anxiety, I was taking less baths (weird I know but this was a coping stress mechanism) I did not have to defend myself and I understood me on all levels, even my dog became a totally different dog!


September 2016, I landed in West Palm Beach, FL at Hippocrates Health Institute.  I went through my own life transformation during this time for my mind body and spirit.  I then decided to go through the Health Educator Program to learn and boy did I ever!

I admit I had expectations that this Health Educator Program would show me my path, the location in which I should be living in, what I should be doing as a career, and have all the answers I was looking for.  The experience became much more than that, I learned a lot of information on Raw Living Lifestyle, Reiki, Iridology, Reflexology, Energy and Sound Healing, Life, and most of all I learned to be present, the best gift of all.  I was shown that traveling is assessable to me, to not be in the past or the future but to embrace the present moment of which all things are formed and experienced.

I am still in my own process, and realize it takes time for my body to heal and it doesn’t matter my image, it matters that I am on my journey to health and wellness and will overcome any disease and help others that are having the same issues. Join me on this path of the unknown journey of health, together we can heal one step at a time.


As an energy worker, I can feel and relate to what you are going through, what areas are blocked within your body and techniques to balance and harmonize your energy.

As a coach, I help you become aware of the aspects in your life that are contributing to your lack of energy, anxiety, fears and mindset.  I give you techniques to break through the emotional blockages that are keeping you from succeeding.  We work together to re-build a new foundation of success and create a path of overall health, happiness and love.

As an educator, I will teach you about the different ways to support your life and your business with specific techniques and tools custom tailored to you and implement long after we work together.