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"I can't even put into words what transpired on my initial 90-min Skype session, but let's just say it was magical. Jaime made me so safe and comfortable while she took me through a rather emotional heart chakra healing. 

What I did not expect in our session was to be reconnected with my dad who passed 14 years ago through her mediumship! Receiving encouragement from my dad (and answers to some Qs that have plagued me since his passing), was so incredibly healing. Within 5 days of our session, I felt the iron gates come down and a real sense of peace with where I am now and where I am going. Knowing my dad is cheering for me along the way is incredibly comforting!

After this experience I absolutely saw the need of having Jaime as part of my ongoing support team, and so I signed up to work with her in her healing concierge package. Over the past 3 months we have worked on everything from my business, personal life and health. With Jaime's support I am able to connect to my guides and dad for answers to questions that help me move forward in every area of my life. We've worked through everything from what's at the core of an ongoing skin problem (with answers as to how to fix it!), planning travel, hiring team members, working through some pretty big business decisions and even specific yays or nays of my personal life.

Jaime has an incredible ability to tap into my energy at any time and to not only communicate with me messages from the other side -- but from my own body. She is an incredible mentor and is also teaching me the tools and techniques to able to tap into my own intuition and connection to Spirit. As a coach, this has been a huge benefit to my clients as I am now better able to guide them through my intuition and teach them to tap into theirs too! In addition to our twice monthly healing sessions and unlimited text and email support, I am so beyond grateful for her SOS distance healing services as she's helped me out in several stressful situations when I needed urgent guidance or energy work to get me back on track.  

I believe all coaches and service-based entrepreneurs would truly benefit from having a team member specifically dedicated to their energy. Since we spend our days managing other people's 'stuff', it's so important that we are clearing, balancing and ensuring our own energy is right so that we can show up and be a light in the world. Having my energy (and emotions!) in check allows me to show up more powerfully in my own life and for my clients. 

Since working with Jaime I feel more in tune with my emotions, more connected to body, more empowered with my business decisions and overall more equipped to manage this thing called life. Jaime is now a part of my ongoing support team as my healing concierge because the return on investment is an absolute no-brainer. Investing in yourself through Jaime's healing services will be the best thing you ever do -- for your health, personal life and business."

Cara Rice, Success Coach at


“I cannot believe how much I was able to get out of my sessions with Jaime. I had never really had much experience with energy work before and didn’t know what to expect, and wow was I blown away! The work Jaime and I have done together has been absolutely pivotal for my business. I have been able to overcome so many roadblocks that were holding me back both personally and professionally, and she helped me to totally step into my power as a business owner. I used to have a lot of fears around having enough energy and capacity to really expand my business, and she has helped me totally bust those. After not booking any new coaching clients for months, we spent ONE session clearing the resistance I was holding onto and I booked 3 clients within a WEEK. Jaime is so warm, patient, and such an incredible light, her healing energy radiates so strongly and I have felt so comfortable and at ease during our work together.  Thanks to her I am more confident, energized, and empowered to take my business to the next level in a way that feels easy and playful. The blocks we were able to break through together left me feeling lighter and more at ease than I have ever felt! I feel more connected in all aspects of my life, and the continuing benefits to both my happiness and productivity have been astonishing! I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Erin Smandych, Transformational Nutrition Coach at


"In my 3 months with Jaime, she helped me to break down so many walls and release myself of these chains that I didn't even know existed. She even helped me avoid making a 300K investment that would have put me into a financial crisis. This was before I even started working with her! So I knew that she and I met for a reason and that this was the time I needed to start looking within and figure out what direction I was taking my business and becoming more aware of what was holding me back.  

Within the first week, I created my podcast which I kept delaying for months and after a 1 hour session with Jaime I had it up and live after 1 week! She taught me that there are no rules - that I can create whatever I want however I want and I didn't have to follow an outline or a specific program in order to experience success and more. 

Several weeks and sessions later, I published my first article online AND was featured and interviewed in a local magazine. 

In one particular session she said I had to focus on what I wanted, because it wasn't the thing that was coming out of my mouth. My head was saying one thing, but my heart was saying something else. Jaime took me through a visualization and had me look into the future. I saw myself on stage at a big venue and the thing is, I don't even like public speaking. I was deathly afraid of it in fact. But she helped me to realize that I had to follow that fear because it meant that this was part of my path! Jaime kept saying to me, "Theresa, this is meant for you!! You are going to be a motivational speaker!" And yet, I still had doubts about my own abilities. 

At the end of our 3 month session together, I finally had my first public speaking event, and it was wonderful. The audience loved it and resonated with my message. This gave me confidence to apply for TEDx talks, hired a TEDx coach and not only did I land a spot in a TEDx talk, but the same TEDx coach is a director and producer and wants to do a documentary on my topic of refugees and immigrants. It doesn't stop there. There are still so many positive "aftershocks", one of them being that I was asked to organize a diversity empowerment event for female minorities. All I would have to do was organize and I would have all the financial support I needed. This all came from working with Jaime!

Jaime took me through sessions to release the unworthiness stories and beliefs. She helped me to remove the filters I applied on my life and see the truth of who I really was. There was a lot of inner work we focused on - learning that I didn't have to force for my life to flow. She reminded me that abundance attracts joy and if I really wanted to achieve all the things I wanted in my life, I just had to remember to have fun every day, to feed my soul and my heart with love.

Jaime even helped me transform my money stories and blocks I didn't even realize I had! 

But most importantly, she taught me that making time and more space for me was the most important thing and if I continued to love myself, treat myself like how I would treat my best friend, I would start seeing things flow into my life.  I didn't have to hustle and stay up until 2am creating funnels or email automations. I didn't have to sacrifice time away from my family. I really could choose to enjoy my life AND create abundance. And I could make up my own rules when it came to my life and business. This has been the most life-changing and transformative experiences of my life.

Thank you so much Jaime for all of your love and generosity, your spirit and your light."

Theresa Nguyen, Success Coach at

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"Wow! I have had the pleasure in working with Jaime 4x in the past 6 weeks and it has been such an incredibly meaningful experience! 

I had been stressing and internalizing a great deal of angst about recent rate increases and price objections I had been hearing from potential clients.

Jaime created a supportive, nurturing environment in which to share many memories I had from my childhood and beyond...that were contributing to my angst and stress. By releasing these feelings I was able to get extraordinary clarity, feel more energetically aligned, confident and comfortable growing in my business and my life.  

Jaime is an absolute essential component of my personal and business life and in the amount of time working together I was able to have a record income month of 35K+ !!  I am forever grateful and cannot wait to continue in working together"

Cynthia Thurlow, Functional Nutritionist and Certified Wellness Coach at

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"Working with Jaime has been nothing short of life-changing for me! Before working together, I had been dealing with a past trauma that occurred in my life 25 years earlier but was still affecting my relationships and sense of self-worth tremendously. My intention for working with Jaime was that I would be able to heal this trauma quickly and not have to sit in the emotions of it for a long time, as I had previously spent multiple years in therapy for it and wished to move through it quickly.

After only one session of working with Jaime, I was able to address, revisit and heal this past trauma fully! My intention of moving through the emotions quickly happened almost effortlessly, as I was able to open myself up to feeling through the trauma and was able to reclaim my energy and wellbeing around this past issue. My self-worth dramatically improved as I was able to release a big block that was holding me back.

Through working with Jaime in multiple sessions, I was able to heal past relationship issues, open myself up to abundance in my business by booking in more clients and increasing my monthly income, balance my energy so that I would be able to take on a heavier client load when the time came, and release “old” Stephanie so that I could step into who I am truly meant to be in this world.

Jaime’s beautifully caring and open spirit was the perfect match to help me process and move past these blocks that have been holding me back for most of my life. It’s hard to put into words just how much she has positively impacted my life and opened my heart. I am forever grateful for opening myself up to work with Jaime, as my life is forever changed."

Stephanie Long, Business Coach at


"In just 5 short months of working with Jaime, my life has changed drastically. When I began to work with Jaime I quickly saw that more than my business was going to change. From the very first session, I changed how I see myself, my desires, fears, triggers and relationships.

Instead of reacting to others I am now aware of how and why I feel the way I do. I can sit with any negative feeling that comes up, explore it and then break it down to dissolve the illusion. 

I have removed so much stress, confusion and resentment that I wasn’t even fully aware I had. The result? My quality of life has improved, I am more present in my life, I am clearer in creating quick and better decisions in my professional and personal life.  I am more connected to my family, I am able to express myself fully and in a cordial way.  
The stress I was experiencing in my marriage is gone. We now communicate with respect and love. In fact, we communicate better than we ever have in our relationship. My three children and I have never been closer.

I have completely changed my offline business to be in alignment with, and fully supportive of, my goals. My online business is beginning to make sense for the first time and is more connected with my desires.

Since working with Jaime I had one of my best launches in my online program and have nailed down exactly how I want to move forward.

Jaime is a warm, kind, brilliant lady who listens with her heart and mind. You can’t put a price on seeing improvements in every relationship in your life and having someone who you can be 100% open and honest with. Jaime guided me to bringing my true desires to light in a nonjudgemental way which I feel is key to discovering one’s truest, deepest desires.

Jaime has given me the tools to truly be the CEO of my own business and to step into the role with confident leadership. I am so grateful I followed my heart and decided to work with her long term and cannot wait to see where this journey brings me with her support.”

Dr. Glenna Calder, Naturopathic Doctor at


"My sessions with Jaime have enabled me to break through some deep-rooted fears and working to move past that resistance is already having a positive impact on my wellbeing and my business. Jaime has this strong yet gentle way of pushing me to identify what’s holding me back. Her kindness, unassuming nature and infectious laugh create an environment that feels safe and enjoyable. One thing I especially appreciate about Jaime is that she didn’t let me off the hook. In a lighthearted and compassionate way and with that wonderful laugh, she guided me to dig deeper and really get honest with myself. The value of that truth is outstanding and so powerful. I love the unique blend of techniques and approaches that Jaime uses to heal and I encourage other coaches and entrepreneurs to invest in themselves through her services!”

Meg Burton TudmanHealth Coach, Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher at


"After just one Chakra Balancing and Alignment Session with Jaime I felt and observed truly surprising results.

I have been feeling extremely stressed, out of balance and haven’t had my period for 5 months. I had dedicated my a self to de-stressing my life, consistently meditating, practicing restorative yoga, cutting back on socialising and work. Nothing worked.

Jaime has a warm, kind and nurturing nature. She took the time to really listen and I felt totally heard and seen. She created a space in which I felt totally relaxed, secure and able to open myself up. During the session I could feel physical discomfort in different places Jaime was working on, which would build up into a crescendo and then  release.

Much to my surprise I also started reliving painful moments from my childhood. Its like the memories were creating the physical tension and when the tension was released the painful memory could be let go. Whilst I was at times uncomfortable, I was strangely relaxed.  I started to feel energy flow much freely through me. After the session had finished it was like I felt the weight of a healing blanket over me. I lay there for some time until I felt it was time to move. I left the session feeling balanced and grounded.

Jaime was able to give me detailed feedback on what she had found which made sense of my own  experience, for example why during the session I felt pain in my ovaries on the left side then pain in my liver. I was surprised how she is able to identify physical and emotional issues decisively and clear them immediately.

The very next day I noticed a shift in my energy and even more amazingly I got my period back! 5 months of all that work and no outcome and then results after just one session. I thoroughly recommend working with Jaime whatever your issue. I have not come across anyone who is able to identify and heal the way she does.  Just one session with her was truly transformational and I cannot wait to continue working with her."

Carina McKeown, Yoga Mentor and Health Educator at


“I wasn't sure what to expect from my session because I have had other energy healing's done but always in person. I felt going in like I was stuck and just not seeing myself clearly so I was hoping for clarity on one specific food issue. What ended up happening was one of the most powerful energy sessions I have ever had resulting in clearing specific emotional issues or trauma that were years old. I was able to see what had been happening lately was so much deeper than a surface level. Jaime was great at guiding but also providing me space to do the work I needed to do and reassuring me that I could do it. It sounds odd to say but I felt like I have known her for much longer than an hour. She is very down to earth and real and has a gift that I think can help many people. You want to doubt afterward, your brain always tries to rationalize but some things are bigger than what you can see and this truly was a great way to reconnect with my faith and Source that I know is there but to experience it in a larger way. I am so grateful the work that Jaime did with me.”

Savana Suniga, Fitness Coach, Massage Therapist & Yogi


"Within 30 seconds of hearing Jaime's voice, I felt completely at ease, as my fears morphed into faith. A feeling came over me assuring me that this was going to be a success. I was amazed at how easy it was to open up to a complete stranger and over the phone. Jaime asked questions and guided me into a meditation. Answers appeared before me, tears flowed, as we were able to crack something that had been holding me back for 20+ years. It was gentle, amazing and intense all at the same time.

I could not have done this without Jaime's guidance and her profound connection to spirit. This energy session was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. It was like a powerful magic to me. She is very professional, kind and works without judgment.  I now feel so light and alive. I had no idea what a weight I had been carrying all these years."

Beth Spraggs, Artist


"Jaime's energy radiates through time and space. Before our session I was nervous, anxious, and unsure if I made the "right" decision to schedule a session. From the second I hopped on the call Jaime made me feel immediately at ease. She is a genuine healer and all around great person. She has the ability to make you feel like best friends even though you just met her. I cannot even begin to describe the incredible shifts that have occurred from working with Jaime. She pulled things out of me no one else has been able to do. Her intuition and psychic sense is extremely accurate. She communicates her messages with such love and precision. I believe everyone would benefit from working with her."

Brianna Rose, Brand + Copy Stylist at

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"I've worked with many healers and never experienced such a massive shift in a short period of time.  I lacked clarity on where to focus my energy to be truly fulfilled in my life and Jaime was able to laser in on what I truly desired but wasn't allowing myself to have.  Our session caused a massive shift in my relationship with myself and my marriage.  I feel a greater sense of trust and knowing that I have not felt in quite a long time."

Jordan Duvall, Brand Specialist at 

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"It’s hard to put into words how special Jaime is. I wholeheartedly believe she has a gift that is unique and meant to be shared with the world. I met Jaime at a mastermind event and was immediately drawn to her energy.  She was calm, compassionate and grounded. I had a session with her after feeling an intense call from the universe to let go of some major things that had been holding me back recently, but really all my life. 

I sat down with Jaime in the session and she said just enough that allowed me to feel completely comfortable to open up and tell her everything that was weighing on my heart. She was quickly able to pick up on the fact that something had happened to me when I was really young that I blocked from my memory but didn’t need to know what it was but it needed to be cleared. I was anxious, but ready and trusted she would take care of me. None of what Jaime does feels out of touch, or on a spiritual level that isn’t relatable - she’s seriously so kind and makes you feel like you’re just sitting with a best friend. 

When we began the clearing I felt really trusting of Jaime. I’ve worked with healers before and this just felt different, and more genuine. I just gotten engaged and I know she could see me light up when I talked about my fiancé, so she told me to think of him on our wedding day and picture our happy life together as husband and wife and me being a mom- which is something I really want. So when we began I had a really intense happy cry thinking about my life with my future husband. My subconscious beliefs kept trying to sabotage my future happy life, but something just kept bringing me back to the moment and an assurance that no, we will grow old together and that was such a pure, calming feeling. 

Then I started to see different imagery. There was one instance where I saw a car crash and felt in shock and very scared. Jaime told me later that, it coincided with another a huge cry and release I had. When we finished the clearing, I told Jaime everything that I saw and felt and she explained in detail what she did, saw and felt as well. It was all incredibly interesting and of course I had a million questions, but Jaime reiterated to me that I was healed. That traumatic event that happened was cleared. It may sound far off but I do feel that she cleared that trauma I had experienced as a young girl. She told me to repeat the mantra, “I am healed” and to continue to think of my life with my future husband. 

It’s been a week since our session and I have to say I feel happier, clearer and more hopeful. I feel grounded and less anxious, almost like I’ve stepped out from under a dark cloud. Jaime creates a space for understanding and transformation and I honestly feel so fortunate I was able to work with her.  She’s incredibly special."

Chelsea Gross, Nutrition Coach at

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"I am amazed with the results from my 90-min session with Jaime! She instantly made me feel comfortable and safe, and I shared the things blocking me from moving forward. We figured out I am a huge empath, and I take things personally from people way too much. Jaime came up with a strategy for me to put a white light around me and my daughter to protect our energy, and IT WORKS! I have been using this strategy consistently since we talked, and I have seen incredible results. I feel more confident and way less affected by others. I had some emotional releases after talking with Jaime too. In our call, we also explored where in my body I might be storing my blocked energy, and we worked on releasing them. She gave me a nice affirmation for me to continue removing blocks. I got SO MUCH VALUE out of just 90 minutes with Jaime. She is smart, so kind, accepting, encouraging, and is just amazing at what she does. I am so impressed!"

Amanda Koppanna, Health Coach

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"Jaime is magical! She is extremely easy to talk to and has a huge heart.  I worked with Jaime in her Personal Concierge package when I was going through one of the most difficult times in my life.  Not only was I going through an emotionally challenging time, but my body was suffering physically and my energy was very low.  I was pouring everything I had into my two sons and my clients and I was depleted.  And during that time, Jaime poured into me - she listened, she performed her healing magic, she sent tokens of love in the mail.  I could feel how much she truly cares about her clients and their individual wellbeing.  She doesn’t have a cookie cutter approach - she’s going to provide exactly what you need during the session.  She also taught me how to create protection when working with clients so that I didn’t take on their energy as well.  Working with Jaime during that time and having the support that I needed was invaluable!

Rachel Burch, Life and Wellness Coach at

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"I cannot recommend Jaime enough. I’ve had three energy sessions with her, and each one has been better than the last. She genuinely cares about your individual energy and will provide EXACTLY what you need during each session.

Outside of general healing and getting my energy flowing properly, there are a couple of truly powerful, transformative things Jaime has helped me with during our second and third sessions. I was struggling with an unwanted, unnecessary emotional connection with someone (and a related situation) in my life. I just couldn't shake the wave of anxiety and stress that came over me whenever I saw or heard about this person. Jaime performed a cord cutting with this person/situation's energy, and whenever I see this person I felt 100% normal again. No jittery stomach or nausea, no overwhelming anxiety - nothing. The cord cutting she did helped me forgive this person and FINALLY move past the situation.

A couple of months later, I decided that I wanted to venture down the spiritual awakening path, and turned to Jaime for help with doing so. During our third session, she encountered a powerful negative energy that was NOT MINE. I'd been feeling a little weighed down the week prior to our session and couldn't figure out why. She used her incredible gifts to channel my guides and rid me of that negative presence.

I immediately felt lighter and continued to feel that way for days afterward. Since then, I've been able to go SO MUCH deeper into meditation, which is crucial for me in developing my spiritual awareness and gifts. If you’re on the fence about working with Jaime, take the plunge! You absolutely will not regret it."

Kailyn Lander