You feel unbalanced, unsettled and not safe within your environment?

Have people told you they feel an unwelcome presence or

You have tried cleaning, switching items, even saging and it is just not happening…


It’s all about the energy! Whether it be from an energy that has been passed down from a previous owner, a person who has transitioned (died) or something that has tragically experienced within the environment your space needs to be cleared.

EVERYTHING has an energy attached to it… even the toilet paper you just bought for the bathroom and the vase that you just inherited from your Aunt Betty. Whether it is living, past or inanimate it’s ALL ENERGY!

And energy affects your mood, your relationships, your sleep, your work, how you eat, what you eat, working out, your business, your finances, your health, your clients, your clarity, communication, motivation… EVERYTHING!

Think of it as you cleaning and organizing your house… the same goes for the energy within it. It’s so important, if not more.


Energy is EVERYTHING! Something needs to shift, change, align and be activated.



Releasing the energies that are disturbing you within your space/land is the first step in cleansing your environment.


Aligning the current energies of the space/land in accordance with the grid and landlines in creating a fresh state and foundation to start with before activation.


Activating the space in conjunction with the new and energies of the future to be able to assist in the collective energetic shift and healing currently happening on earth.