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A 2-Week Intensive Self Study Program where you will learn the exact process and techniques to be able to receive more abundance, prosperity and MONEY within your life and business.


Do you want to make more money?

Then the Divine Money Maker Course is for you!

Really? Thats the pitch? What’s so special about this course?


I teach you the exact process in knowing how to leverage your own strengths to be able to receive more on YOUR own terms whatever level income you are at.

Sounds Interesting…. But how do I know this is what I need? Wouldn’t it be better to work on my strategy if I’m not making the money I want to?

Not necessarily, if you switch up your strategy without working on your energy or beliefs it may have an immediate effect however short lived benefits. When you work on your beliefs and energy you can create a strong foundation for consistent growth and stability in being able to leverage your strengths in knowing what plan, action or strategy is most beneficial for you.

Okay so how do I know if my energy or strategy is off?

You’re not making the money that you want to.

BUT… That could be my strategy, right?

It could be, I wouldn’t say 1000% that it isn’t however with my experience it usually tends to be a desire within us that is not being deeply fulfilled, whatever that may be. All of our attention is focused on our business or making money, so our lack of desire has to catch our attention somehow... why not through the place you focus most of the time. Right? Receiving starts with you, on the inside, Once you are aware of what your true desire is then you can take action on it to be able to be fulfilled and release any resistance around receiving.


Do you want to make more money?


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  • 4 Modules and In-Depth Trainings for Becoming a Divine Money Maker

  • 4 Workbooks with 4 Different Meditations

  • Exclusive Access to the Divine Money Maker Facebook Group

  • Unlimited & Lifetime Access to the Course and Online Portal

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  • Re-wire your limiting beliefs and strengthen your relationship with money

  • Leverage your own energy to receive more money with ease

  • Align your strategy with your energy to become a thriving Divine Money Maker

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  • Set your Intention with the Intention Setting Meditation

  • Learn what your REAL relationship is with Money

  • Become aware of your limiting beliefs and thoughts that are holding you back.

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  • Become aware of the source of your resistance

  • Release any blockages or resistance that is keeping you from moving forward in your life and business.

  • Learn tools to be able to create a stable and consistent foundation to thrive.

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  • Learn the difference between Inspired Action and Fear Based Action

  • Learn how to receive inspiration to be able to take action

  • Learn how to align your energy to your desires for it to manifest in the physical.

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  • Learn how to create routines to be able to streamline your energy

  • Techniques to be able to stop limiting beliefs and keep the energy high vibe.

  • Learn how to keep yourself grounded and stable to be able to receive consistently.

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OR Buy the Abundance Bundle for just $147

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Lifetime Access to:

  1. The Divine Money Maker Course

    Learn the specific process, no matter what income level you are at, to be able to make more money consistently with ease.

  2. Creating Space for Your Abundant Future Mini Course

    Learn how to identify and cleanse physical items within your environment that are holding past, dense, energy contributing to you not being able to receive.

  3. Mastering Your Vision to Manifestation Mini Course

    Learn how to master your visualization skills to be able to create a stronger connection in manifesting your desires into the physical more quickly.


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Add 1 x 90 Minute Private Session with Jaime Pallotolo to your course/s.



"Working with Jaime has been nothing short of life-changing for me! Before working together, I had been dealing with a past trauma that occurred in my life 25 years earlier but was still affecting my relationships and sense of self-worth tremendously. My intention for working with Jaime was that I would be able to heal this trauma quickly and not have to sit in the emotions of it for a long time, as I had previously spent multiple years in therapy for it and wished to move through it quickly.

After only one session of working with Jaime, I was able to address, revisit and heal this past trauma fully! My intention of moving through the emotions quickly happened almost effortlessly, as I was able to open myself up to feeling through the trauma and was able to reclaim my energy and wellbeing around this past issue. My self-worth dramatically improved as I was able to release a big block that was holding me back.

Through working with Jaime in multiple sessions, I was able to heal past relationship issues, open myself up to abundance in my business by booking in more clients and increasing my monthly income, balance my energy so that I would be able to take on a heavier client load when the time came, and release “old” Stephanie so that I could step into who I am truly meant to be in this world.

Jaime’s beautifully caring and open spirit was the perfect match to help me process and move past these blocks that have been holding me back for most of my life. It’s hard to put into words just how much she has positively impacted my life and opened my heart. I am forever grateful for opening myself up to work with Jaime, as my life is forever changed."

Stephanie Long, Business Coach at