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Join me LIVE for a 6-Day Transformational Retreat in Florida




My first ever breakthrough happened when I decided to go to a retreat center for 3 weeks!  The timing was perfect as I just started going through a separation.  The amount of awareness, support and transformation I obtained from the retreat was PRICELESS!  The experience allowed me to fully express and understand who I was as a person and what I want to evolve into on this next journey into life. 

 (My amazing crew of women on my first ever Retreat experience)

(My amazing crew of women on my first ever Retreat experience)


Having the support and community of people who were like-minded, different, and supportive showed me the new norm in my life and how powerful transformations can happen within a collective group.

Every time I go on a retreat I up-level more than ever before because of the amazing energy!  

I wanted to bring this experience to you in a live format,  introducing the Breakthrough Your Resistance 6-Day Transformational Retreat experience for driven women, coaches and entrepreneurs.



This Retreat is DIFFERENT than others, there are NO limitations, NO expectations, the group will grow and evolve into what it is meant to.  Each day will be transformational with the support and love of Jaime and everyone else.  Were getting in touch with our soul, our body, our emotions, our dreams, our inner child and aligning them to our desired and destined life.  

  • Create a deeper connection with yourself, your soul, and your body
  • Learn different techniques to be able to establish boundaries and leverage your energy to avoid burnout.
  • Release any obstacles or traumas that are effecting your future growth
  • Gain clarity on your direction, path and choices to reach your goals 
  • Expand your energetic capacity for more self care and self love
  • Grow, transform and develop in all aspects of your health, life and/or biz.
  • Be apart of a collective feminine energy that supports one another in their journey and their goals.
  • Learn techniques and exercises to be able to express your emotions in a safe way
  • Learn how to manifest anything you want, rewire your thoughts and live the life you dream of


"Since working with Jaime I feel more in tune with my emotions, more connected to body, more empowered with my business decisions and overall more equipped to manage this thing called life. Jaime is now a part of my ongoing support team as my healing concierge because the return on investment is an absolute no-brainer. Investing in yourself through Jaime's healing services will be the best thing you ever do -- for your health, personal life and business." -Cara Rice


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  • WHEN: Sunday, January 6th, 2019 through Friday, January 11th, 2019
  • WHERE: Delray Beach, FL
  • ACCOMMODATIONS: First Come, First Serve (Only 4 Private Rooms Available)

*A list of activities and day to day schedule will be provided

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  • Sunday afternoon Welcome Mingler and New Moon Sound Healing
  • Welcome Box for the week
  • 6 full days of live coaching and healing with Jaime & featured guest expert Carina McKeown
  • Organic Plant Based Lunches and Snacks
  • Transformational Exercises, Meditations, Activities
  • Partnership and Support from your fellow peers
  • Group photoshoot on Friday Morning

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This is going to be a week of total transformation! You're going to up level, transform and leap so fast past those obstacles you're going to be flying high!  Especially because it is not only going to be the new year, but it's going to be the FIRST NEW MOON, PERFECT timing to set intentions and start the year off FABULOUS!! I'm SOOOO excited and would LOVE for you to be there and have us meet in REAL LIFE!  


To save your spot all you have to do is place a deposit, depending if you want accommodations or not, and YOU'LL BE IN! WHOO HOO!!! 

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($500+ Savings PLUS the first 2 people that save their spot receives a 60 minute in person specialized healing session with Jaime.  Early Bird Pricing and offer is good until 8/19/18) 


Place your $1,000 deposit to save your spot now, click below



*NOTE: There are only 4 private rooms and is first come, first serve.

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($500+ Savings PLUS the first 2 people that save their spot receives a 60 minute in person specialized healing session with Jaime.  Early Bird Pricing and offer is good until 8/19/18) 


Place your $2,000 deposit to save your room and spot now, click below



"I've worked with many healers and never experienced such a massive shift in a short period of time.  I lacked clarity on where to focus my energy to be truly fulfilled in my life and Jaime was able to laser in on what I truly desired but wasn't allowing myself to have.  Our session caused a massive shift in my relationship with myself and my marriage.  I feel a greater sense of trust and knowing that I have not felt in quite a long time." -Jordan Duvall

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Carina McKeown

Health Coach, Yoga Expert & Mindfulness Practitioner


Although born in India, it wasn't until Carina moved to London that her love for yoga truly began. By observing how yoga had transformed her life on and off the mat, Carina was called to share the wisdom of practice and teach.  Leaving a secure and lucrative career in law behind Carina embarked on a journey that has taken her around the world to train and teach meditation, living foods nutrition, reiki and sound healing. 

Carina is kind, loving, supportive and passionate about sharing these transformational tools.  I am so excited to have her during this retreat performing daily yoga, sound healing and reiki.



"My sessions with Jaime have enabled me to break through some deep-rooted fears and working to move past that resistance is already having a positive impact on my wellbeing and my business. Jaime has this strong yet gentle way of pushing me to identify what’s holding me back. The value of that truth is outstanding and so powerful. I love the unique blend of techniques and approaches that Jaime uses to heal and I encourage other coaches and entrepreneurs to invest in themselves through her services!” - Meg Burton Tudman


“ What ended up happening was one of the most powerful energy sessions I have ever had resulting in clearing specific emotional issues or trauma that were years old. I was able to see what had been happening lately was so much deeper than a surface level. Jaime was great at guiding but also providing me space to do the work I needed to do and reassuring me that I could do it. Some things are bigger than what you can see and this truly was a great way to reconnect with my faith and Source that I know is there but to experience it in a larger way.” - Savana Suniga


Answers appeared before me, tears flowed, as we were able to crack something that had been holding me back for 20+ years. It was gentle, amazing and intense all at the same time.  I could not have done this without Jaime's guidance and her profound connection to spirit. This energy session was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. It was like a powerful magic to me. She is very professional, kind and works without judgment.  I now feel so light and alive. I had no idea what a weight I had been carrying all these years." - Beth Spraggs