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A Transformational 1:1 Private Coaching Service



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You have current clients or had clients in the past and are ready to go to that next level in your business. You’re ready to align yourself to your business, strategy, packages, pricing and clients.  You have the structures in place for your business but you're still being stopped within your tracks.

Maybe, you don't understand why you're not up-leveling even though you're taking all the steps you think you "should be" in order to receive BUT you're missing the key component.... Alignment


  • Receiving the clarity and direction you have been asking for

  • Seeing yourself call in your ideal clients easy and effortlessly

  • Raising your rates in alignment with your energy

  • Being fully connected to yourself, your body, business and life.

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Stepping into this Coaching and Entrepreneurial world, I thought I needed to have it all my process in place, my strategy streamlined and put in the time before receiving clients, money, and all of my desires.  NOT TRUE!  I wasted so much time, effort and money trying to follow the traditional coaching industry 'rules' of having a perfect strategy, Facebook Ads, growing my email list, needing 5K+ in my Facebook Group....


yet I was still following someone else's rules...

This way of coaching felt hard, frustrating, fearful and down right horrible!!! 

I questioned EVERYTHING!  Was I doing the right thing?  Should I get a part-time job? Go back to corporate? 

What offer or program do I put out there? When am I going to receive clients? Money? 

I couldn't live this way anymore...


I started to create instead of working, and I took action on my inspiration and ideas that I was excited about no matter how crazy or out there they may seemed.  

I mean c'mon I talk to fairies and dead people.... 

I allowed myself to have FUN and not worry and obsess about the numbers.  

I allowed myself to express and do what I wanted to do from a place of love.

I worked on myself and my worthiness issues.... YEP I have them TOO! 

I loved every single moment, creating safe boundaries and getting clear on calling in my soulmate clients.

That is when I started receiving


I knew the approach I was providing to the coaching industry was different and mastered the FUN, EASY and EFFORTLESS way to receive all of your desires and MORE!!!  NOW, I support my clients inmastering the same thing by embracing their true passions, purpose, love and desires and creating and living their life from that space of true alignment. I assist in having my clients gain the clarity, direction and path they desire to follow and be able to receive abundance and prosperity with ease.  

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My Personal Healing Concierge Service


This service is DIFFERENT than others, there are NO limitations, NO expectations, NO RULES!  You're getting in touch with your soul, your body, your emotions, your dreams, your purpose and aligning them to your desired and destined life.  

-> Identify and change your limiting beliefs

-> Become aware and release your blockages that are keeping you from moving forward in your health life and biz.

-> Align your mind, body and soul to your desires to obtain them easily and effortlessly

-> Grow, transform and develop in all aspects of your health, life and/or biz.

-> Learn how to be present within the moment

-> Learn techniques and exercises to be able to express your emotions in a safe way

-> Gain clarity on your direction, path and choices to reach your goals 

-> Learn how to protect and leverage your energy to avoid burnout and manifest easily and effortlessly

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YOU create your dream life of FREEDOM through FUN, LOVE, EXCITEMENT, JOY and HAPPINESS!


"My sessions with Jaime have enabled me to break through some deep-rooted fears and working to move past that resistance is already having a positive impact on my wellbeing and my business. Jaime has this strong yet gentle way of pushing me to identify what’s holding me back. The value of that truth is outstanding and so powerful. I love the unique blend of techniques and approaches that Jaime uses to heal and I encourage other coaches and entrepreneurs to invest in themselves through her services!” - Meg Burton Tudman

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If you answered HECK YEAH! Keep Scrolling!!!

This is for you if...

  • You're ready to take full responsibility for yourself, to confront your fears

  • You're wanting freedom from the Have to's, Need to's and Should's

  • You are tired of all the damn rules and listening to what everyone else says about have to's, need to's and should's

  • You are ready to step into your energy of soul desire, your magic, and create from a place of flow and ease

  • You are ready to receive all of your desires NOW! Easily and Effortlessly knowing YOU ARE WORTH IT!

If you're ready to put yourself as a priority, do the work, and start living your life from a place of total alignment and HAVE FUN then this service is for you!

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  • 3 x 90 minute Private Healing/Mentoring Sessions via Skype/Zoom

  • Unlimited SOS 15 Minute Distant Healing Sessions

  • Unlimited Text and Email Support of Guided Messages and Mediumship

  • Distant Energy Healing Sessions

  • Past Life Regressions

  • Chakra Balancing and Alignment

  • Stress-Reduction

  • Cord-Cutting

  • Visualizations and Meditations

  • Mindset and Thought Pattern Re-Work

  • Energetic DNA Reconstruction and Activation

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Theta Healing

  • Vibrational & Frequency Healing

  • Energetic Pattern and Implant Removals

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Multi-Dimensional Healing

  • Mediumship & Channeling (Please note this happens naturally and not on demand. If a loved one comes through then I will relay the messages.)


*3, 6 and 12 Month Services Available*



"I've worked with many healers and never experienced such a massive shift in a short period of time.  I lacked clarity on where to focus my energy to be truly fulfilled in my life and Jaime was able to laser in on what I truly desired but wasn't allowing myself to have.  Our session caused a massive shift in my relationship with myself and my marriage.  I feel a greater sense of trust and knowing that I have not felt in quite a long time." -Jordan Duvall


“ What ended up happening was one of the most powerful energy sessions I have ever had resulting in clearing specific emotional issues or trauma that were years old. I was able to see what had been happening lately was so much deeper than a surface level. Jaime was great at guiding but also providing me space to do the work I needed to do and reassuring me that I could do it. Some things are bigger than what you can see and this truly was a great way to reconnect with my faith and Source that I know is there but to experience it in a larger way.”

Savana Suniga


Answers appeared before me, tears flowed, as we were able to crack something that had been holding me back for 20+ years. It was gentle, amazing and intense all at the same time.  I could not have done this without Jaime's guidance and her profound connection to spirit. This energy session was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. It was like a powerful magic to me. She is very professional, kind and works without judgment.  I now feel so light and alive. I had no idea what a weight I had been carrying all these years." - Beth Spraggs