90 Minute Healing Session


90 Minute Healing Session

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A 1:1 90-minute Emotional Energy Healing Session with Jaime focuses on the emotions that are keeping you from moving forward within your health, life & business.  During the session, you will identify the emotion/s, where the emotions and blockages are located and how they are affecting your physical body.  Then, in a deep meditative state, together we will explore and journey through each of the emotions experiencing what is needed for you to remove the blockage/s.  Throughout the process I will be providing healing and energy work to cleanse, balance and align your mind, body and soul.


Using different techniques coupled with energy work this truly is a unique session that allows you to be in control and experience everything first hand as well as provide a transformation you've never experienced before.





(Note: When you decide to sign up for the Personal Healing Concierge Service after investing in a 90-minute session, then the fee will be deducted from the price of the package)


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If you have worked with me previously and have already experienced a 90-Minute Emotional Healing Session you have the option in choosing to experience any of the following sessions:

  • Energy Healing Session
  • Past Life Regression
  • Chakra Balancing and Alignment
  • Stress-Reduction
  • Mindset and Thought Pattern Re-Work
  • Energetic DNA Reconstruction and Activation
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Vibrational & Frequency Healing
  • Energetic Pattern and Implant Removals
  • Multi-Dimensional Healing
  • Foundational Planning and Soul Alignment

(Note: When you purchase your session, please provide the name of the session you would like to have in the comments.)


Worked with me before?

Worked with me before?

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"My biggest mistake was not signing up for a healing session with Jaime sooner!

I can't even put into words what transpired on that 90-min Skype session, but let's just say it was magical. Jaime made me so safe and comfortable while she took me through a rather emotional heart chakra healing. 

What I did not expect in our session was to be reconnected with my dad who passed 14 years ago through her mediumship! Receiving encouragement from my dad (and answers to some Qs that have plagued me since his passing), was so incredibly healing. Within 5 days of our session, I felt the iron gates come down and a real sense of peace with where I am now and where I am going. I now feel ready to pursue a relationship after years of being blocked while I focused solely on my business. Knowing my dad is cheering for me along the way is incredibly comforting!

Since our session I've signed up to work with Jaime in her healing concierge platinum package! I receive regular nudges through Jaime from my guides and my dad, which are always timely in moving me forward in all aspects of my life -- including my business, health and love life.

Don't make the mistake I made in waiting any longer! Investing in yourself through Jaime's healing services will be the best thing you ever do."

Cara Rice,

Business Coach at 

“I cannot believe how much I was able to get out of my sessions with Jaime. I had never really had much experience with energy work before and didn’t know what to expect, and wow was I blown away! Jaime’s healing energy radiates so strongly, and I felt so comfortable and at ease during our work together. The blocks we were able to break through together left me feeling lighter and more at ease than I have felt in months! I feel more connected in all aspects of my life, and the continuing benefits to both my happiness and productivity have been astonishing! I felt such an instant connection with Jaime, and I cannot recommend her highly enough! I truly believe everyone would benefit from working with her.”

Erin Smandych

Transformational Health Coach and Private Chef at 



“I wasn't sure what to expect from my session because I have had other energy healing's done but always in person. I felt going in like I was stuck and just not seeing myself clearly so I was hoping for clarity on one specific food issue. What ended up happening was one of the most powerful energy sessions I have ever had resulting in clearing specific emotional issues or trauma that were years old. I was able to see what had been happening lately was so much deeper than a surface level. Jaime was great at guiding but also providing me space to do the work I needed to do and reassuring me that I could do it. It sounds odd to say but I felt like I have known her for much longer than an hour. She is very down to earth and real and has a gift that I think can help many people. You want to doubt afterward, your brain always tries to rationalize but some things are bigger than what you can see and this truly was a great way to reconnect with my faith and Source that I know is there but to experience it in a larger way. I am grateful the work that Jaime did with me.”

Savana Suniga,

Fitness Coach, Massage Therapist & Yogi

"I have been feeling extremely stressed, out of balance and haven’t had my period for 5 months. I had dedicated my a self to de-stressing my life, consistently meditating, practicing restorative yoga, cutting back on socialising and work. Nothing worked.

Jaime has a warm, kind and nurturing nature. She took the time to really listen and I felt totally heard and seen. She created a space in which I felt totally relaxed, secure and able to open myself up. During the session I could feel physical discomfort in different places Jaime was working on, which would build up into a crescendo and then  release.

The very next day I noticed a shift in my energy and even more amazingly I got my period back! 5 months of all that work and no outcome and then results after just one session. I thoroughly recommend working with Jaime whatever your issue. I have not come across anyone who is able to identify and heal the way she does.  Just one session with her was truly transformational and I cannot wait to continue working with her."

Carina McKeown,

Yoga Teacher and Mentor at