My Story


My Story


I'm Jaime, a Healer, Speaker and Energetic Mentor for driven, high-achieving Coaches and Entrepreneurs. I assist my clients in expanding their energetic capacity to allow for a larger client load, raise their frequency to increase their rates & charge their worth, remove emotional blockages and protect their energy so they can continue doing the work they love, and be of highest service to their clients without burning out.




Stepping into this Coaching and Entrepreneurial world I thought I need to have it all before receiving clients, money, and all of my desires.  NOT TRUE!  I wasted so much time, effort and money trying to follow the traditional coaching industry 'rules' of having a perfect strategy, Facebook Ads, growing my email list, having 5K+ in my Facebook Group....


yet I was still following someone else's rules...

This way of coaching felt hard, frustrating, fearful and down right horrible!!! 

I questioned EVERYTHING!  Was I doing the right thing?  Should I get a part-time job? Go back to corporate? 

What offer or program do I put out there? When am I going to receive clients? Money? 

I couldn't live this way anymore...


I started to create instead of working, I took action on my inspiration and ideas I was excited about no matter how crazy or out there they may seemed.  I mean c'mon I talk to fairies and dead people.... 

I allowed myself to have FUN and not worry and obsess about the numbers.  

I allowed myself to express and do what I wanted to do from a place of love.

I worked on myself and my worthiness issues.... YEP I have them TOO! 

I loved every single moment, creating safe boundaries and getting clear on calling in my soulmate clients.

That is when I started receiving


I knew the approach I was providing to the coaching industry was different and mastered the FUN, EASY and EFFORTLESS way to receive all of your desires and MORE!!!  NOW, I support my clients in mastering the same thing by embracing their true passions, purpose, love and desires and creating and living their life from that space of true alignment.  I assist in having my clients gain the clarity, direction and path they desire to follow and be able to receive abundance and prosperity with ease.  


Let's Connect

Let's Connect

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Join the Tribe

Facebook Group

Join this amazing supportive group of female coaches and entrepreneurs that are seeking advice and support in expanding their energetic capacity, increasing their vibration & frequency, mastering their mindset and being of highest service to their clients.


1:1 Private Coaching Service

Personal Healer & Mentor

For the driven, female coach or entrepreneur who is ready to breakthrough their resistance, remove past traumas, empower themselves and align their energy to start living their abundant and prosperous dream life. If you are interested in self development, growth, expansion and up-leveling within your Health, Life & Biz this is the service for you!

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Speaking Engagements

Online & Live Events

Looking for an expert to speak about energy, alignment, balance, manifestation and mindset? How it impacts every aspect of our Health, Life and Business from a sense of reliability and knowledge, you have come to the right place! Have me as a Guest Speaker in your Group Program, Podcast, Summit, Mastermind or at a live event or Retreat.  Inquire within.


Love Notes

Love Notes

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"...Over the past 3 months we have worked on everything from my business, personal life and health. With Jaime's support I am able to connect to my guides and dad for answers to questions that help me move forward in every area of my life. We've worked through everything from what's at the core of an ongoing skin problem (with answers as to how to fix it!), planning travel, hiring team members, working through some pretty big business decisions and even specific yays or nays of my personal life.

Jaime has an incredible ability to tap into my energy at any time and to not only communicate with me messages from the other side -- but from my own body. She is an incredible mentor and is also teaching me the tools and techniques to able to tap into my own intuition and connection to Spirit. As a coach, this has been a huge benefit to my clients as I am now better able to guide them through my intuition and teach them to tap into theirs too! 

Since working with Jaime I feel more in tune with my emotions, more connected to body, more empowered with my business decisions and overall more equipped to manage this thing called life. Jaime is now a part of my ongoing support team as my healing concierge because the return on investment is an absolute no-brainer. Investing in yourself through Jaime's healing services will be the best thing you ever do -- for your health, personal life and business."

Cara Rice,

Success Coach at

“The work Jaime and I have done together has been absolutely pivotal for my business. I have been able to overcome so many roadblocks that were holding me back both personally and professionally, and she helped me to totally step into my power as a business owner. I used to have a lot of fears around having enough energy and capacity to really expand my business, and she has helped me totally bust those. After not booking any new coaching clients for months, we spent ONE session clearing the resistance I was holding onto and I booked 3 clients within a WEEK.  Thanks to Jaime I am more confident, energized, and empowered to take my business to the next level in a way that feels easy and playful. The blocks we were able to break through together left me feeling lighter and more at ease than I have ever felt! I feel more connected in all aspects of my life, and the continuing benefits to both my happiness and productivity have been astonishing!"

Erin Smandych

Transformational Health Coach at


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"Working with Jaime has been nothing short of life-changing for me!

After only ONE session of working with Jaime, I was able to address, revisit and fully heal a past trauma that occurred in my life 25 years earlier that was affecting my relationships, my business and my sense of self-worth. After the session, I was able to reclaim my energy, my wellbeing and dramatically improve my self-worth.

In working with Jaime, I was able to heal past relationship issues, open myself up to abundance in my business by booking in more clients and increasing my monthly income, balance my energy so that I would be able to take on a heavier client load and step into who I am truly meant to be in this world.

Jaime’s beautifully caring and open spirit was the perfect match to help me process and move past these blocks that have been holding me back for most of my life. It’s hard to put into words just how much she has positively impacted my life and opened my heart. I am forever grateful for opening myself up to work with Jaime, as my life is forever changed."

Stephanie Long,

Business Coach at

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